The Best of Cagliari in one day

Cagliari is a small treasure trove rich in history, culture, and unmissable natural beauty. The truth is, a single day is not enough to see it all, but we can guide you through what we believe is absolutely not to be missed during a one-day visit!

Cagliari’s Historic Center
To start your day exploring the heart of the city, the Castello district is undoubtedly fascinating. To visit it, we recommend starting from the highest part of the city, beginning the route from Porta Cristina (reachable by taking bus No. 8 from Piazza Matteotti, the CTM bus terminal).
Once you’ve crossed the gate, you’ll see on the left the National Archaeological Museum, where you can admire archaeological artifacts that tell the ancient history of Sardinia. To the right is the entrance to the Castello district, next to the Tower of San Pancrazio. Continue your visit by heading towards the Cathedral of Santa Maria, a wonderful example of Gothic-Romanesque architecture that houses artworks and frescoes of great historical and artistic value inside. Next to it, you can also visit the Viceregal Palace, one of the most significant examples of Sardinian Renaissance architecture (visitable by reservation)
Exploring the neighborhood, you’ll easily reach the unique Elephant Tower, a medieval tower that is one of Cagliari’s historical symbols, and then the Bastione Saint Remy, an imposing structure that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the Gulf of Angels.

Lunch: Authentic Cagliari Flavors
After a morning of cultural visits, it’s time for a break and to try the authentic flavors of true Sardinian cuisine. We recommend trying dishes based on fresh fish such as bottarga and for dessert the seadas, fried pastries filled with cheese and honey. The Marina and Stampace neighborhoods offer numerous trattorias and restaurants where you can taste the true essence of Sardinian cuisine, as suggested in our article “Our Favorite Local Spots.”

Natural Beauties of Cagliari: Molentargius Regional Natural Park and Poetto Beach
Right from under the Bastione Saint Remy, you can take bus N° 6 of the CTM and reach the Viale Poetto front Campo Rossi stop in less than 20 minutes. In a ten-minute walk, you’ll arrive at the entrance of the Molentargius Regional Natural Park (Via La Palma n°9/A 09126, Cagliari), where our staff will welcome you and provide you with all the necessary information about guided tours, bicycle rentals, and self-guided visits. 
We recommend taking advantage and take part to the Molentargius Tour, the guided tour in an electric minibus that allows you to explore most of the park areas, also reaching the nesting area of the Pink Flamingo. All our guided tours are conducted by environmental guides, experts in the park and its secrets. Find more details HERE.
From the park, you can reach Poetto Beach for an afternoon of relaxation on the beach, either through the park (entrance from via dei Tritoni or from the entrance in front of Marino Hospital). Don’t miss the view of the Devil’s Saddle at sunset.

Evening Shopping: Largo Carlo Felice, Via Manno, and Via Garibaldi
Before concluding your day in Cagliari, dedicate some time to shopping and relaxation. From Poetto Beach, taking public transport PF or PQ of the CTM, you can reach Piazza Matteotti, in the center of Cagliari. Via Roma, Piazza Yenne, Via Manno, and Via Garibaldi are the main commercial areas of the city, where you will find fashion shops, local craft boutiques, and cozy cafes where you can enjoy a coffee or an aperitif.

We conclude our one-day visit to Cagliari pleasantly surprised to have found a fascinating city full of history and marvelous treasures.
From the charm of its historic center to the natural wonders of the Molentargius Park, famous for its pink flamingos, Cagliari offers an unforgettable experience that will remain in your heart.
Happy travels and happy exploring!

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