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If the Molentargius Park is a biodiversity oasis for both flora and fauna, it is equally true that the Flamingos are the unmistakable symbol of the Park.

The existence of flamingos has been known since ancient times and has always exerted a strong fascination on humans and their lives.
The name “flamingo” derives from Greek and means “red-purple”, a designation stemming from a passage by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in a text from the 5th century BC, describing it as a strange bird, in short, “not one of the usual ones”.
We can find its unmistakable silhouette on the walls of the Tajo de las Figuras caves in Spain (4th millennium BC) and also among the fundamental graphic signs of the Egyptians, who considered the color of this bird so significant as to deserve a place in their writing system.
Its name in other languages always refers to its flaming color: “flamant” in French, “flamingo” in English, and “flamenco” in Spanish.
It’s incredible how the color of this animal has influenced so many different cultures!
In Sardinian, this animal is known by different names: in the northern part of Sardinia, its name always refers to its color, “gent’arrubia,” “red people“, while in the southern part, it is referred to as “mangoni“.

The flamingo that we can observe in the Molentargius Saline Regional Natural Park is the Phoenicopterus roseus and is one of the largest species of flamingo, with a height between 90 and 155 cm, a wingspan of 140-165 cm, and a weight that can reach about 4.5 kg in males (usually, significantly larger than females). Adults have a widespread pink color, with the wing coverts a deeper pink, almost scarlet red. The bill is thick and curves sharply downward after about two-thirds of its length, pink with a wide black tip with individually variable markings. The iris is yellow, and the legs are a bright pink.

All our guided tours are designed to take you to visit Molentargius and enjoy the beauty of the pink flamingos, visible in all seasons; among these, the Molentargius Safari Tour is the only one that allows you to reach the protected area of the nesting site of the flamingos, accompanied by expert and authorized guides of the Park!

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